Valuing Nature Network workshops now open for registration

The Valuing Nature Network (VNN) in partnership with Natural Environment Resource Council (NERC) will be running a series of workshops on biodiversity and ecosystem service valuation in London during May 2011.

The workshops, supported by the Natural Capital Initiative (NCI), will cover a broad range of topics associated with valuing biodiversity, ecosystem services and natural resource use including;

– Abiotic (physical & chemical factors)
– Statistics & modelling
– Marine ecology
– Human dimensions
– Terrestrial & freshwater ecology
– Human health & the environment
– Economics (agriculture, environmental, ecological)
– Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation (ESPA)

The series will bring together researchers from disciplines such as natural science, economics and social science, as well as decision makers from the business and policy sectors. The workshops aim to create a network of people across disciplines who are engaged in the value of the natural environment.

Outputs will then be used to define an agenda for subsequent interdisciplinary actions supported by the VNN, and improve decision making regarding the natural environment in the future.

To register your interest in attending these workshops see the Valuing Nature Network website.