Wales’ Largest Wind Farm Approved

The Welsh Government yesterday granted assent for the development of Wales’ largest wind farm – and the second largest in the world – off the North coast of the country. When complete, in 2014, and fully operational, the wind turbines will supply electricity for 700,000 homes.

The wind farm, at Gwent y Môr, will be built by NPower Renewables and will generate 750MW of ‘clean’ energy. The approval brings Wales a step closer to meeting its ambitious target, announced by Jane Davidson, Environment Minister, in February: to supply all of Wales’ electricity from green, ‘clean’ sources by 2025. Electricity generation accounts for 30% of Wales’ carbon emissions.

The UK is the world’s leader in generating power from offshore wind farms, with a total offshore built capacity of 590MW at present. The proposed ‘London Array’ in the outer Thames Estuary, which would generate 1GW of power.

The announcement from Wales follows Tuesday’s ‘plugging in’ of the largest wind farm in Europe into the Portuguese National Grid. The development, in the Upper Minho region of Portugal will provide 1% of the country’s total energy and will supply electricity for over 1 million residents.

See original article in the Guardian, 4 December 2008: Go-ahead for wind farm puts Wales on track to meet clean energy targets