What next for the UK NEA and IPBES? Find out on 13th September

The full programme is now available for the policy session at the BES Annual Meeting, taking place on Wednesday 13th September, University of Sheffield. Prof. Steve Albon, co-chair of the world-leading UK National Ecosystem Assessment (NEA), and Dr Andy Stott, UK-representative to the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) will join us to discuss what the NEA means for science, policy and practice in this country. The session is organised in partnership with the UK Biodiversity Research Advisory Group (BRAG).

Four short presentations will explore how the results of the UK NEA, the first of its kind at a fully national scale to analyse the value of the UK’s natural environment by taking account of the economic, health and social benefits we get from nature, are being, or could be, taken forward in research and practice.

Dr Stott will discuss how the IPBES will address the gaps in the science policy interface with respect to biodiversity and ecosystem services internationally.

View the full programme and find out more.

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