2017 book prize awarded to behavioural ecologist Professor Tim Clutton-Brock

Our annual Marsh Book of the Year Award has been given to Professor Tim Clutton-Brock from Cambridge’s Zoology Department, recognising his book Mammal Societies for its influence on the science and application of ecology.

Mammal Societies aims to integrate our understanding of mammalian societies into a novel synthesis that is relevant to behavioural ecologists, ecologists, and anthropologists. The book shows how the distribution of resources and the foraging strategies of individuals affect the size of groups; how they interact with contrasts in reproductive behaviour and contrasts in breeding systems to affect patterns of kinship; and how contrasts in kinship affect social relationships, competitive interactions and cooperation. It explores both evolutionary causes of different traits and their ecological consequences; and it integrates research on different groups of mammals with research on primates and humans and attempts to put research on human societies into a broader perspective. Read more about the book here.

The winners of the 2017 BES awards will be presented with their prizes during a ceremony held at our annual meeting in Ghent, Brussels next month, which will bring together 1,500 ecologists from around 60 countries to discuss the latest advances in ecological research across the whole discipline.