A ‘Decade of Discovery’- the first Census of Marine Life is revealed

2,700 scientists in over 80 nations have collaborated to create the first ever Census of Marine Life (CoML). In a 64 page report, the highlights of over 10 years of marine biological research are presented, with some groundbreaking findings, including the discovery of over 200 new species. The census will contribute substantially to knowledge of global marine biodiversity and marine ecosystem function. It also includes reference to changes in species distribution across European Seas –the Baltic, Atlantic and Mediterranean- which indicate considerably high levels of threat to biodiversity in these waters.

An original paper, which describes the full inventory of life recorded was published as part of a special edition of PLoS ONE in August 2010. The CoML is widely welcomed, ahead of the final TEEB (Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity) report, to be published shortly with support from the European Commission, as part of it’s vision for Sustainable Devlopment

Source: Costello, M.J., Coll, M., Danovaro, R., Halpin, P., et al. (2010). A census of marine biodiversity knowledge, resources and future challenges. PLoS ONE. 5(8): e12110.