ALDER Network International Policy Officer (Volunteer Role)

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ALDER Network
International Policy Officer (Volunteer Role)

The ALDER Network is advertising for two International Policy Officer positions to join our volunteer Committee. As an International Policy Officer your role could include advising LGBTQIA+ ecologists outside the UK and providing advice on international conference and fieldwork travel.

You could also be involved in connecting with LGBTQIA+ ecological networks from other countries. Due to the new nature of the role, there is room for flexibility, and we welcome your input in shaping the role.

About the ALDER Network

Our ALDER (Advancing LGBTQIA+ Diversity, Equality & Representation) Network was launched in 2022 to provide a network for the LGBTQIA+ ecologist community to interact, share and support each other.
In partnership with other BES networks, such as EDGE, REED, and SEED, we aim to promote greater equity, diversity, and inclusion in ecology.

Follow this link to discover more about ALDER.

Time Involved

Members of the Alder Network attend up to four online meetings a year, but you are also expected to participate in conversations/ ad hoc meetings / attend events in between
meetings. Typically time involved per month is around half a day.

More Information and How To Apply

Closing date for this role is the 13th March.  Full information about this role can be found in at the bottom of the page in useful documentation.

Please apply with the following information:

Your CV or LinkedIn profile.
A covering letter – no more than 1x A4 side answering the following questions:

1. Why are you interested in this role and what would you like to get out of the experience? (300 words maximum)
2. Do you have any ideas you would take the lead on as the International Policy Officer? (300 words maximum)

We ask these questions because we’re interested in hearing your reasons for taking part and how we could support you to get the most of the opportunity, along with what you’ll add to our network.

You are welcome to submit your answers in any format.
Written applications should be no more than two sides of A4. Audio and video files should be no more than five minutes in length.

Please send your application to Katie Weston
(They/Them) Volunteer Officer via email on


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