BES response to the UN’s Global Biodiversity Outlook report

The British Ecological Society commends the Global Biodiversity Outlook report for providing the highest quality evidence on the state of nature and emphasises the need for further high quality science to inform the crucial next steps in preventing biodiversity loss.

The Global Biodiversity Outlook 5 (GBO-5), published today by the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is a final report card on progress against the 20 global biodiversity targets agreed in 2010 with a 2020 deadline.

Professor Jane Memmott, President of the British Ecological Society, said:

“This report brings together the highest quality evidence on the state of nature across the globe and should be commended.

“It provides the necessary basis for all nations to come together next year at the UN Convention of Biological Diversity when they will set new targets for halting and reversing the losses we are seeing in the natural world.

“The crisis in nature is such that we need to act now. Next year’s convention on halting and reversing biodiversity loss is as important as the talks on climate change. We are dependent on the natural world for our food, wellbeing and prosperity and the current rate of loss of species is seriously worrying.

“That action needs to be based on the best science, and this report gives us a status report, shows us how to monitor biodiversity and gives examples of policies and projects that are making a difference. Being able to find the right policy solutions will fundamentally depend on the latest science, continued innovation and the commitment of all.”