Citizen Science – engagement, marketing, motivation and change

Join the Citizen Science SIG to discuss how citizen science projects can be taken to the next level.

Citizen Science is well-established in ecology, but how do we reach more participants? How do we enhance their engagement and experience, and motivate them to take part and effect behavioural change?

We are often focused on the “science”, but now it is time to engage more with the “citizens”. In this afternoon of seminars, we will learn from marketing experts, social scientists, psychologists and designers to pick up new cross-disciplinary insights for enhancing citizen science.

Confirmed speakers

  • Tammy Clegg, University of Maryland
  • Kris De Meyer, King’s College, London
  • David Adcock, Ten4 Design
  • Ria Dunkley, University of Glasgow
  • Kayleigh Wyles, University of Surrey
  • Ralph Underhill, Framing Matters
  • Rachel Pateman, University of York
  • Stuart Church, Pure Usability
  • Matt Barr and Samuel Copland, University of Gloucestershire


Registration is open until 9 November 2020.

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