Policy for Ecologists at the University of Hull

The BES English Policy Group is hosting a free, in-person policy training workshop on 12 September, joint with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and the University of Hull. We will cover the basics of English environmental policy and the importance of stakeholder engagement, followed by activities focusing on rewilding policy.

Photo of a tidepool

This free, in-person training workshop will provide an overview of how environmental policy and legislation are made in England, how evidence feeds into the process, and how ecologists and other scientists can contribute.

Talks from experts from the British Ecological Society and the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust will be followed by engaging group activities. There will be a particular focus on rewilding policy and community and stakeholder engagement.

A more detailed agenda will be circulated to attendees. Tea, coffee and lunch will be provided.

Who is this event for?

This training will be delivered by experts from the BES and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and is aimed at ecologists, scientists or anyone who is interested in the natural world and rewilding. We will not assume prior knowledge of how policy and legislation in England, therefore, this event will suit all ecologists but particularly students or early career researchers who have not had a lot of prior engagement with the policymaking.

Time and place

12 September 09:00-14:00
University of Hull

Please note that this is in-person only, unfortunately we do not have the facilities to host an online element for this particular event.


This event has limited capacity, so please get in touch if you are no longer able to attend.