Increasing the Reach of Your Research: A Two-Part Workshop for Latin American Researchers

Are you a researcher in Latin America that wishes to maximise the impact of your research? Senior Editor for Functional Ecology, Emma Sayer, will be holding a two-part online workshop that will cover core writing skills for ensuring that your research reaches as wide an audience as possible. Attendees will be provided with detailed guidance on how to construct and write manuscripts that can reach an international audience and publish in international journals.

This workshop will be delivered in English; however, Spanish and Portuguese speakers will be available to answer any questions that you might have.

About the workshops

You don’t need perfect English to write a great scientific paper! You can create a strong and convincing narrative about your work by ensuring the text structure provides the right information in the right place. These two workshops will introduce the fundamental techniques to help you achieve this, and you will get the most out of them by attending both sessions.

6th February 3:00-4:30 GMT

Workshop 1 Thinking differently about scientific papers – We all know the general format of most scientific papers: Title, Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion. This workshop introduces simple writing techniques to ensure that each of these key elements achieves its purpose and demonstrates how to bring them together to create a strong coherent paper.



14th February 3:00-4:30 GMT

Workshop 2Telling a story about your research – Human beings use stories to pass on knowledge. This session demonstrates how to use storytelling techniques to write a strong and readable research paper. We’ll see how we can use story structures to create a strong narrative throughout the text. We’ll then cover some writing techniques to make the information flow and get key messages across to your readers.


Recordings will be made public after the meeting; however, we strongly encourage attendance so that you can seize the opportunity to ask questions and receive direct feedback.