MEE live webinar: Enhancing reproducibility in population ecology

Enhancing reproducibility in population ecology, and further benefits for macroecology

Photo credit: JJ Harrison

Stage-based demographic methods, such as matrix population models (MPMs), are powerful tools used to address a broad range of fundamental questions in ecology, evolutionary biology and conservation science. Accordingly, MPMs now exist for over 3000 species worldwide.

Whilst MPMs represent a key method for researchers, errors in data collection and parameterization can lead to mistakes in MPM construction. Furthermore, the poor communication of methods associated with MPM construction can hinder the identification of these errors by authors, reviewers and editors, thereby impacting reproducibility and further research. In turn, Gascoigne and coauthors have created a one-stop-shop for authors, reviewers and editors to reference when publishing stage-structured demographic information.

Join Samuel J. L. Gascoigne in this workshop, to discuss the methods presented in their recently-published paper covering:

  • The current state of affairs regarding MPM publishing answering the question: How well are MPMs currently communicated in peer-reviewed papers?
  • Common issues in matrix construction
  • A standard protocol for researchers to reference when communicating their MPMs and discuss the benefit this practice will bring to individual researchers and the broader science community.
  • New developments in matrix methods that researchers can use to take their work to new heights.

Enhancing reproducibility in population ecology

Tuesday 24 October 2023

14:00 UK time / 09:00 Eastern time

Speaker: Samuel J. L. Gascoigne