Quantitative Ecology Virtual Meeting 2020

Join the Quantitative Ecology SIG for their first ever virtual conference

Join the BES Quantitative Ecology SIG for their 3rd Annual Meeting, and first virtual meeting. There will be 4 sessions across the week, and each will have a keynote, 5-minute lightning talks, and a discussion around the session’s theme. There will also be a “coffee” break in each session to give you the chance to talk to other delegates, and there will be some networking activities, including a quiz on the Wednesday evening (BST).

The aim of the Quantitative Ecology SIG is threefold:

  1. Support quantitative skills development for all ecologists
  2. Improve dissemination of new quantitative methods to their users
  3. Provide a forum to advance quantitative ecology in its own right

This event is for any ecologist who wants to share new quantitative methods, or original research using quantitative methods; who wants to broaden their understanding of quantitative ecology; or who wants to join the discussion around how we can move quantitative ecology forward.


Monday 27th July (4PM – 7PM, BST, click link for time zone conversion)

Session theme: Network Ecology

Keynote speaker: Laura Dee, University of Colorado, Boulder

Tuesday 28th July (10AM – 1PM)

Session theme: Systems Ecology

Keynote speaker: Jean-Francois Arnoldi, Trinity College Dublin

Wednesday 29th July (4PM – 7PM)

Session theme: Disease Ecology

Keynote speaker: Lewis Bartlett, University of Georgia

Thursday 30th July (10AM – 1PM)

Session theme: Teaching and Learning Quantitative Ecology

Keynote speaker: Gergana Daskalova, University of Edinburgh

Lightning talks

If you would like to be considered to give a 5-minute lightning talk, please submit a title and select the appropriate session when prompted in the registration form. Deadline to submit a talk is Friday 17 July.


This event will take place on Zoom, and a link will be sent out to all attendees prior to the event. The registration deadline is Friday 17 July.

Register here