Remote sensing in macroecology

Join the Macroecology SIG for this two-day workshop to learn about remote sensing methods in macroecology and macroevolution.

Are you interested in using remote sensed data but don’t know what is available? Are you using remote sensing and want to learn about newer methods and datasets?

We are offering a two-day workshop that will include lectures and practical sessions to learn about remote sensing methods and data relevant for large-scale (macro) ecological and macroevolutionary research.

People new to remote sensing as well as those with experience but wanting to learn more are welcome to attend.

Sessions will be delivered by invited presenters:

The workshop will start with an introduction to remote sensing methods and key data resources followed by targeted sessions covering the value of different remote sensing methods to understand ecosystems, vegetation, and large-scale processes.

We will also have a discussion session on day 1 covering “Challenges and guidance to publish studies on intersection between ecology and remote sensing: an author and editor experience” with Dr Hooman Latifi, Associate Editor at the journal Methods in Ecology and Evolution.

Participants should bring their own laptop.


Registration has been extended until 09:00 (BST) Thursday 28 April 2022.