Shaping the Future for Pollinators – Innovations in Farmed Landscapes

Come along to this three-day conference on shaping farmed landscapes to make them resilient to future challenges.

Pollinators play a vital role in maintaining both semi-natural and agricultural ecosystems and healthy populations bolster food security, livelihoods and social wellbeing. With evidence that  many species of pollinators are in decline, their conservation and management is of great public, economic and political interest. As a result, the ecology and conservation of managed and wild pollinators is a rapidly growing field of research, alongside the study of their associated ecosystem services.

This joint conference between the Agricultural Ecology SIG, the Association of Applied Biologists, and the Royal Entomological Society aims to determine how we can shape farmed landscapes to make them resilient to future challenges such as climate change. Delegates will explore the impact of agricultural practices at the farm and landscape scale on pollinator behaviour, ecology and the delivery of ecosystem services.

Talks and discussions will share current best practices on the sustainable management of pollination services as well as explore how novel innovations can create new opportunities and address future risks.

This conference aims to bring together researchers,  practitioners and policymakers to debate recent advancements in the  field of pollinator research; and also to go beyond ecological research  to explore emerging technologies within the field.


A draft programme is available here.


In-person registration is now closed but online registration is open until 05 September 2022.

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