Words have impact: Framing nature for Ecology and Conservation

Join the Conservation SIG for this online workshop teaching language framing skills for effective communication in Ecology and Conservation.

A red squirrel sitting on a log covered in moss

Have you ever wondered what’s the best way to talk about difficult ecological concepts like invasive species, extinctions and biodiversity decline? Or how to communicate conservation in the Covid era? Our choice of language – the way we ‘frame’ our messages – affects how they are received and acted upon. Yet, common ‘framing traps’ plague both novice and seasoned communicators (across all fields, not just ecology!), evoking values and beliefs that may hinder our intended messages.

This online workshop from the Conservation Special Interest Group is designed to teach you to apply frames consciously and effectively in your own communications. Through a mixture of theory and fun, interactive exercises, you’ll learn how values and beliefs underpin our thinking and how to activate them through different frames. You’ll also discover how frames can be used for creative problem-solving. By the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to spot the common ‘framing traps’ and change your message accordingly, to compose framings for ecological communications that motivate and inspire.

If you communicate ecology or conservation in your work, whether you’re involved in teaching, science publishing, outreach, or policy – this event is for you! Open to ecologists at any stage of their career, anyone should find it of benefit, regardless of their communications experience.


This online webinar will run over two half-days. The workshop focuses on what framing is, changing frames to see a problem in a new light, common framing traps, and message ordering.

The workshop will be run by Ralph Underhill, the Director of Framing Matters. Ralph is an expert trainer and facilitator specialising in the field of message framing and communications. He has extensive experience working with policymakers and communication teams, including numerous conservation charities, to help them improve their communications.

If you require more information about the event, please email the Conservation SIG.


Registration is open until midday (BST) Friday 8 October 2021.

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  • Regular student – £30
  • General admission – £40

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