Ecologists and climate scientists will come together at the Climate Science for Ecological Forecasting symposium to form new collaborations to better inform the future of our planet. 

Cheetah in a Thunderstorm, Uwe Skrzypczak

Igniting novel research 

Climate fundamentally affects the abundance and distribution of speciesEcological processes in turn, feedback to affect the climate. There is clear value in bringing these two disciplines together.  

Climate scientists, for example, have established practices that have greatly increased the accuracy of climate projections. Drawing on data and theory developed in climate sciences could improve the application of ecological forecasts. Similarly, ecological processes that mediate biosphere-atmosphere interactions represent the biggest source of uncertainty in climate projections. Ecologists can aid climate scientists in understanding these processes and their incorporation into climate models.  

The conference 

This symposium, jointly organised by the British Ecological Society and the Royal Meteorological Societywill identify the needs and opportunities for greater interaction between these two fields.  

Keynote addresses, talks and posters will cover progress in ecological forecasting to date and explore ways in which climate science could ignite novel research.  

The international and interdisciplinary conference will be highly interactive with plenty of opportunity for networking, discussion and idea generation. Talks and poster presentations will be combined with guided break-out sessions and discussion panels. 

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The symposium will now take place from 11 – 12 May 2022, at Coin Street Conference Centre, London, UK.

At this stage we are planning for an in-person meeting but we will continue to follow government guidance on the COVID-19 pandemic. Any decision to postpone the event or move online will be shared as soon as possible, with flexibility on cancellation if you are no longer able to attend due to COVID-19 restrictions.


Registration for this event will open later this year.

Abstract Submission

In addition to invited keynote speakers, we will be welcoming submissions for short talks and poster presentations through an open call.

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Organising Committee

  • Victoria Boult, Department of Meteorology, University of Reading 
  • Luke Evans, School of Biological Sciences, University of Reading 
  • Doug Kelley, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology  
  • Joyce Kimutai, African Climate and Development Institute, University of Cape Town 
  • Hannah Mallinson, Science Engagement Manager, Royal Meteorological Society