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British Ecological Society image of a view of a grassland delta


Programme sessions

Day 1 – 24 June 2024

10:30Session 1 - Setting the Scene
For the lightning talks, we are seeking some high-level introductory content which will help set the scene as to what our overall purpose should be, new ways of working and underlying approaches which will help frame the discussions at the symposium and guide the community going forward.
10:35Setting the Scene Keynote 1 - Nancy Ockendon, Endangered Landscapes & Seascapes Programme
11:00Setting the Scene Keynote 2 - Richard Fitton, Finance Earth
11:25Setting the Scene - Lightning Talk 1
11:55Setting the Scene - Lightning Talk 2-5
13:25-14:25Setting the Scene - Lightning Talk 6-11
14:25Session 2 - Upland and Headwater Systems
For the lightning talks, we are looking for submissions from the projects focused in our upland and headwater systems. We appreciate many projects will include elements of both upland and lowland and just ask you to make your own judgement as to which the best session for you talk will be. Please note systems which link through to the coastal and marine system should be submitted to session 4.
14:30Upland and Headwater Systems Keynote 1- Jeremy Roberts, Cairngorms Connect
14:55Upland and Headwater Systems Keynote 2 - Rob Collins, The Rivers Trust
15:20-15:40Upland and Headwater Systems - Lightning Talks 1-2
16:00-16:30Upland and Headwater Systems - Lightning Talks 3-5
17:15-18:45Poster session - The poster session will be 1hr 30 minutes long, and will allow you to engage on a deeper level with people who are interested in your subject.

Day 2 – 25 June 2024

09:15 Session 3 - Lowlands and River Systems
For the lightning talks for this session, we anticipate content will include more of our intensively farmed land than session 2 and perhaps include the testing and uptake of regenerative agriculture approaches. Please note: where a coastal/marine element is included to submit to Session 4.
09:20Lowlands and River Systems Keynote 1 - Rosie Hails, National Trust
09:45Lowlands and River Systems Keynote 2 - James Bullock, UKCEH
10:10-10:30Lowlands and River Systems - Lightning Talks 1-2
10:50-11:20Lowlands and River Systems - Lightning Talks 3-5
13:15Session 4 - Connected, land, coastal and marine systems
We are looking for lightning talks that focus on projects which include the flows and dependencies across the land and sea interface.
13:20Connected, land, coastal and marine systems Keynote 1- Louise MacCallum, Solent Seascape Blue Marine Foundation
13:45Connected, land, coastal and marine systems Keynote 2 - Mollie Gupta, WWF
14:10-15:00Connected, land, coastal and marine systems- Lightning Talks 1-5
16:20-16:50Summing up and close

Timetable subject to change.

Abstract submissions are now closed.

Please note: We welcome submissions which include urban and peri-urban systems where these are present and are part of the overall project in any session.