Joint ‘Virtual Issue’ with the Ecological Society of America

Many ecological issues are a concern right across the globe. We believe international research is essential to advancing ecological science and that collaborating more closely with our partner societies across the world benefits the discipline as well as our member and author communities.

The BES journals have a long history. Between them, they are 283 years old – 290 years, including our partner journal Ecology and Evolution. And while they all started out as individual journals and continue to operate very much as independent entities, recent years have brought more collaborations.

Our virtual issues curate a selection of research previously published across all journals, highlighting particularly topical areas of ecology (e.g. invasive species or the ecology of exercise, science from a specific geographical region (e.g. China or South America), or even the work from individual ecologists such as early-career or eminent researchers (incl. John Harper and J Philip Grime).

To coincide with the Ecological Society of America’s (ESA) Annual Meeting, which will be held from 6-11 August 2017 in Portland, we are launching our first cross-society, cross-journal virtual issue through our common publishing partner Wiley.

The meeting theme is ‘Linking biodiversity, material cycling and ecosystem services in a changing world’ and the papers chosen for this virtual issue provide a representative taste of the science the BES and ESA journals bring to a global community of ecologists.

We hope you enjoy our joint ‘Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services’ virtual issue, which will hopefully make for interesting reading on your journeys to and from the ESA meeting!