Making a difference in conservation: conference report

Last month, our joint symposium with the Cambridge Conservation Initiative, Making a Difference in Conservation, brought together over 250 delegates to explore the complex relationship between ecological evidence, conservation policy and practice.

British Ecological Society image of a hare

Over two days, a wide range of speakers – from ecology and conservation science, policy, social science, campaigning NGOs and beyond – explored the successes and failings of the links between science, policy and practice, and the consequences for conservation. Speakers reflected on the different stages of the process, from identifying priorities and organising evidence, through to making decisions and engaging publics.

In their conference report, delegates Clive Mitchell (Scottish Natural Heritage) and Juliette Young (Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, BES Policy Committee Member) reflect on the main themes of what was said at the symposium, whilst also considering what remained unsaid, exploring points that there was little time to explore, including assumptions and the importance of world-views in filtering the evidence that is used to support policy and practice.

What were your key messages from the symposium? What actions will you take? Leave your comments below, or get in touch if you would like to write a blog post. All the videos from the symposium will be available online very soon. You can also catch up on the key points in our Storify, read more of our reflections, or revisit one of the workshops.

Read the Conference Report