Peatland Restoration and Ecosystem Services

A new Ecological Reviews volume edited by Aletta Bonn, Tim Allot, Martin Evans, Hans Joosten & Rob Stoneman.

This book provides a basis for interdisciplinary discussions between policy makers, scientists and practitioners. Using current research, the policy questions related to peatlands across the globe are addressed throughout and restoration is presented as a prerequisite for the sustainable management of ecosystem services in a changing environment.

  • Case studies from a global perspective will appeal to scientists, policy makers and practitioners to illustrate the challenges of peatland management
  • Adopting a cross-disciplinary approach, economic, political and scientific issues surrounding peatland restoration are explored in relation to natural resource management
  • Relevant to natural solutions to climate mitigation, financial and political resolutions are offered to achieve carbon emission reductions and enhance peatland ecosystem services

£39.99 Paperback
£74.99 Hardback
£33.46 eBook

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