Science and Technology Committee inquiry: Genomics and genome-editing

The House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee has opened an enquiry into genomics and genome-editing

The inquiry will run until the beginning of January and we will be contributing to the Royal Society of Biology’s written response. We welcome input from members: if you would like to contribute to the response, please contact Ben Connor, Policy Manager by 9 December.

The Committee is seeking views on the following subjects:

  • The impact of genomics and genome-editing on: wildlife and ecosystems; including potential uses in relation to infectious disease, re-introducing extinct species and controlling predator populations; plants and animals; food production and human health
  • Whether current regulations in particular areas of genomics and genome-editing are consistent, and whether they are adequate to meet the requirements of different ‘product’ and ‘process’ based approval processes
  • Ethical, social and safety concerns from genomics/genome-editing
  • Genomics England’s 100,000 sequenced genomes initiative, including its progress and safeguards
  • The adequacy of investment in infrastructure and skills/training in the NHS to take forward genome medicine
  • The extent to which genomics should be part of the Industrial Strategy initiative