What should the UK’s post-Brexit agri-environment policy look like?

Help our Brexit Policy Working Group gather evidence on the successes and failures of agri-environment policies

Deadline extended until 13 August

Leaving the European Union means leaving the Common Agricultural Policy, and the opportunity to develop a new UK agri-environment policy that delivers for the environment and people, based on the principle of ‘public money for public goods’.

The Conservatives’ manifesto promised to work with farmers, food producers and environmental experts, and the devolved administrations to devise a new-agri environment system during this Parliament, and the Queen’s Speech confirmed that a new Agriculture Bill will soon be introduced.

It is crucial that forthcoming decisions on agri-environment policy are informed by the best ecological evidence  While this is a devolved issue, with different priorities across the UK, the role of evidence will be important everywhere.

Our Brexit Policy Working Group would like help from BES members in gathering evidence on the positive and negative impacts of existing agri-environment schemes to support a BES policy brief on the topic.

We have developed a questionnaire as the first stage of a Delphi-like process for gathering expert views – participants will also be able to contribute to the next stage and comment on the final publication. We would welcome your contribution to this process as we work to make sure that these crucial policy decisions are informed by the best ecological evidence. The questionnaire will be open until Sunday 13 August.

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