Bridging the knowledge gap: a new platform for Applied Ecology Resources

The British Ecological Society (BES) is delighted to introduce the new Applied Ecology Resources website: The new-look site will host a fully searchable information database launching later in 2020.

We are delighted to introduce Applied Ecology Resources (AER), a novel information repository designed to facilitate information exchange for everyone in the ecological community. The new website currently provides a preview of what to expect when the fully searchable database launches later in 2020.

With information pages about grey literature, membership and the Advisory Board members supporting AER, you can discover more about what the project involves and observe its ongoing development in the coming months leading up to the official launch.

Applied Ecology Resources aims to increase the flow of information between different areas of the ecological community and other linked sectors. A multitude of information sources other than journal articles are commonly used to inform on-the-ground management of ecological resources and AER aims to bridge that gap by capturing all management-relevant information. The official launch coming later in 2020 will include a search function allowing all users to freely access and browse all content.

Information sources such as open access journal articles, case studies and other research and grey literature will form the content database, and organisations will be able to upload and share their information by becoming a member of AER. All members who sign up before the end of 2020 will be listed as a Founding Member and receive additional benefits. Find out more about membership on the website membership page.

The website will be regularly updated during this development period, with FAQs and more information pages expected to come, and you can stay up to date on progress by signing up to the eBulletin on the homepage.

Our new peer-reviewed, open access journal Ecological Solutions and Evidence has launched as part of the new information resource. Read more about the new journal in our press release here. Ecological Solutions and Evidence is open for submissions and authors are encouraged to contact the Editorial office for any queries about their submissions.

Visit to find out more.