Nominate an Incredible Ecologist for the 2020 BES Awards

Do you know an incredible ecologist? Make sure they get the recognition they deserve and nominate them for a BES Award.

BES awards

Ecology has never been more relevant, given the urgent climate and biodiversity crises we are facing. The aim of the annual BES Awards is to celebrate and recognize the people who are making outstanding contributions to our science and our community.

We’d particularly welcome nominations for those who have been underappreciated so far, or bring incredible ecologists out of the shadows where they have been quietly accomplishing great things in the field.

Our current President, Professor Jane Memmott, was a past winner for the Marsh Award for Ecology. She says “The awards are a fantastic opportunity to highlight the effort put into ecology all around the world. Whether it’s a colleague, research partner, distant collaborator or ecologist you’ve always thought deserves more recognition, nominate them for the 2020 BES Awards – we are proud of our community and want to shout about your achievements.”


How it works

Don’t hesitate – anyone can nominate ecologists for the BES awards before Monday 20 April. All the categories and nomination criteria can be found on our website. The categories are:

Honorary Membership

The highest honour the BES gives, this award recognises exceptional contributions to the generation, communication and promotion of ecological knowledge and solutions at an international level.

Founders’ Prize

Awarded to an early-career ecologist who is starting to make a significant contribution to the science of ecology. The BES Founders’ Prize commemorates the enthusiasm and vision of the Society’s founders.

Marsh Award for Ecology

This award is presented for a current research record which is having a significant impact on the development of ecology or its application.

Marsh Award for Climate Change Research

Celebrates an outstanding contribution to climate change research.

Marsh Award for Ecologists in Africa

This award recognises that ecologists in Africa often face particular challenges in carrying out their research and is awarded to an individual who is having a significant impact on the development of ecology or its application.

BES Award

Presented for exceptional voluntary service to the Society and its community.

Ecological Engagement Award

Recognises an ecologist who has bridged the gap between ecology and the public.

Equality and Diversity Champion

Awarded to an individual or group who has made innovative contributions to enhancing the practice of equality and diversity in the ecological community.

Does someone you know fit the bill? Nominate them today!


 How are winners selected?

A committee of leading ecologists selects prizewinners from a shortlist of equal numbers of men and women nominees. The criteria used by the Nominations Committee in judging are given on the webpage for each of the prizes.

The Marsh awards are provided by the Marsh Christian Trust and administered by the BES.

The winners will be presented with their prizes at the BES Annual Meeting in Edinburgh in December. The conference – the biggest in Europe – sees over 1,200 ecologists from around 60 countries come together to discuss the latest advances in ecology.